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Corporate HQ

Suite 818-700 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
V7Y 1B6 Canada
T: (604) 685-6263 ext. 115
F: (604) 687-8678 

Investor Relations:
Ian Tootill 
Caliber Communication Corp. 
Director of Corporate Communications 
T: (604) 685-6263 ext. 110 

Engineered Materials Div (Beryllium Aluminum Alloys)
55 Jonspin Road
Wilmington, MA
USA 01887
Toll Free: (855) 237-2522
T: (978) 284-8900

Copper Alloys Div
401 Arvin Road
Franklin IN
USA 46131
Toll Free: (800) 423-5612
T: (317) 738-2558

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